Please Support Us

Right now, we are in an exciting time in our development. We are especially trying to better serve our trans and gender variant queer family.

Unlike cisgender members of the LGB community, trans and gender variant people are targeted not for whom they love, but by their very bodies. This, plus the lack of support and understanding from their families and communities,   leaves trans people uniquely vulnerable to physical predation and attack.

Your support in this seed fund allows us to make our trans and gender variant family just a little bit safer and secure.  We will buy mats, target pads, uniforms, pepper spray practice cartridges, and many more items that will help us continue our work.  Ultimately, we wish to publish training booklets and videos to help trans and gender variant people wherever they may be.

We thank you deeply for your time and consideration. Please follow this link to help us ensure the safety of trans and gender variant people in Los Angeles, and everywhere else.